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Armastek AG sells an innovative and low cost armouring system based on glass fibre.

The company, which is based in Pfäffikon, Switzerland, specializes in armouring made of composite materials. It was founded by the engineers Dr. Eduard Ilinich and Edgar Hepp in 2013. Eduard Ilinich is convinced that “composite materials made of glass fibre have enormous potential for the construction industry. No other material is equally versatile in its range of applications while also meting the requirements in regard to sustainability and building biology. The long standing work in research and development has clearly shown the optimal properties of the material. In the meanwhile, it has been market tested and well-received in the armouring setting.”

As Edgar Hepp adds, “Thanks to the positive properties of the material, the economic value added for the customer is obvious – especially in cases, where glass fibre is clearly superior to steel. Previously, the material was unfortunately very expensive. We now offer a mature glass fibre armouring system at conditions that need not shy away from direct comparison. It is time for this material to become more widely accepted.”